How AI is changing warfare

How AI is changing warfare

  • The Royal Navy collaborated with major tech firms like Microsoft and Amazon Web Services to improve military coordination and efficiency.

  • A cutting-edge "mesh" network was developed to link marines, drones, and other sensors to provide a seamless operational view.

  • This technology enabled more effective command-and-control processes, suggesting optimal deployment of drones and targeting for weapon systems.

  • One anecdote highlights that within just 12 weeks, a highly effective demo called StormCloud was conducted in Britain, showcasing the reliability of the tech integration.

  • This tech-driven approach to military operations could redefine how wars are waged, emphasizing the importance of AI and tech over traditional hardware like killer robots.

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In late 2021, the Royal Navy teamed up with Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, BAE Systems, and Anduril to question if there was a better way to wage war. Astonishingly, within just 12 weeks, they held a demonstration called StormCloud where marines on the ground and drones in the air seamlessly shared data over an advanced network. This demo showcased how swiftly technology can transform military operations.